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Jun 15, 2011 @ 7:55pm / admin

EXCLUSIVE: Steve ‘Yes’, you if you use two different Apple IDs you will need to purchase Lion twice

It looks like after the recent WWDC announcements Steve looks to be back responding personally to some user emails.  What a nice guy!  It was great seeing him personally introduce some new things such as the new iCloud features.

Emails From Steve reader Mike was kind enough to write in to let us know that he received a response from Steve (in under 15 minutes, no less!) to a question that he had in regards to the new version of OS X Lion.  OS X Lion will only be available via the Mac App Store and it was announced that you will be able to install OS X Lion on multiple computers on authorized computers that have your Apple ID.  That was a great deal which normally would require the purchase of a family pack for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.  As Mike found out, you will however need to purchase Lion separately if you use 2 different Apple ID accounts.

Michael J. M. wrote:

Hey Steve!
Hope you are feeling well. I have a question about upgrading to Lion that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere.
I know that if I have multiple Macs in my house with the same Apple ID I can purchase Lion once and upgrade all of them. But my wife and I have separate Apple IDs. Do we need to purchase Lion twice in order to install on both of our Macs?
Sent from my MacBook

Steve Jobs” wrote shortly after:


Sent from my iPhone


Full size screen shot:


UPDATE, Thursday July 21: OS X Lion is now out and a lot of people are finding this page through Google.  To install OS X Lion on multiple computers you can just sign in with the same account via the Mac App Store on different computers.  You do not need to pay for the software multiple times if you do this.

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  1. inket / Jun 16 2011

    Just sign in with the same account on both Macs and install Lion.

  2. Lila / Aug 1 2011

    Up to how many computers on the Lion App

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