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Jun 13, 2011 @ 11:30am / admin

Steve Jobs: ‘Yep’ iWeb will be discontinued

A new Steve Jobs e-mail response has popped up which may cause a few headaches for some legacy Mac users.  According to a MacRumors reader Steve Jobs replied to an e-mail that they sent to Jobs about the future of iWeb given the discontinuation of MobileMe in 2012. Jobs replied in his traditionally succinct style, which pretty much means that users of the hosted iWeb sites would need to find alternative web hosting methods.

The reader asks:

Dear Mr. Jobs,
Will I need to find an alternative website builder and someone to host my sites?
I have invested a lot of time and effort and the thought of re-training sucks more than mobileme ever did.

Steve’s reply:

Sent from my iPhone

iWeb, the Apple web design and management program that is part of iLife, has not been given a refresh for a while, prompting some users to speculate that Apple had lost interest in the program and was thinking of discontinuing it.  When iLife ’11 was released the other related programs such as iPhoto and iMovie received excellent feature updates.  Many users had hoped for updates to iWeb at the same time, but Apple continued to bundle the 2009 version of the program.  It can also been seen in the iLife web site that iWeb does not feature prominently at all.

While the new iCloud service from Apple has been reported to initially focus on media and music, the service, launching this Fall in the USA and internationally at later dates, will replace MobileMe in terms of device syncing and cloud data storage.  iWeb, a program that has not held a strong reputation in the past, is obviously not part of that strategy.


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