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Mar 24, 2011 @ 3:29pm / admin

Steve Jobs rejects and says ‘No Interest’ in iPhone 4 radiation app

Israeli developer Tawkon has been repeatedly rejected by the Apple App Store, and now has been personally refused by Steve Jobs in a two-word email: “No Interest”.  The app measures cellular radiation emissions from your phone, and points to areas in your home or office where you may be exposed to higher radiation levels.  From the time stamps of the email, it looks like this email was originally send in August of last year when Steve was working full time.

To be fair, from the initial email from Gil it looks like Apple also needs to add in some new API’s for this program to work.  As it is, the app calculates the radiation based on RF parameters extracted from the device itself. This use case would in fact be a violation of the terms of using the current API’s.  Since this app has been rejected and arguably violates the Apple Terms of Service agreement for apps, the developers have recently released the app for Cydia so that it can run on jail broken iPhones.

Screen shot of email correspondence:

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