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Jan 19, 2011 @ 11:43pm / admin

“No” OS X Server will not be discontinued Steve reassures

Back in November we reported that ‘hardly anyone’ was buying Xserves which led to their discontinuation.

A recent report floating around the web speculates about the eventual discontinuation of various other ‘professional’ software packages from Apple.

This report led a MacRumors reader to come out of the wood work with a email that they had sent Steve in early December 2010 which specifically asked about the future of Mac OS X Server.

Steve replied with a simple ‘No’ to reassure the customer that OS X Server would not be discontinued.

Q: If you are abandoning enterprise solutions by eliminating the Xserve, does that mean OS X Server is not far behind? It seems that way. I would hate to see that because I like the product.

A: No.

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It’s hard to say whether or not other professional products will be discontinued.  It seems like Apple likes to really streamline their core offerings and if products aren’t meeting sales targets to justify their existence then it may be a case of discontinuing the product to focus on other areas.  It may be that Steve already knows and can confirm that the next version of OS X Lion will also have a Server offering.  As to whether OS X Server will be around 5 years from now?  I’d sat that the effort to maintain OS X Server is fairly minimal in the scheme of things so I’m guessing, yes.  XServe’s on the other hand had a possible hardware replacement (albeit not in a 1U rack format) in standard Mac towers.

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