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Sep 17, 2010 @ 9:53pm / admin

“Please leave us alone” College journalism student has a whine over not getting a comment from Apple PR

A Long Island University student, going by the name of Chelsea Kate Isaacs, allegedly received several argumentative e-mails from Steve Jobs after she criticized the company’s Media Relations Department, according to correspondence posted on Gawker. The student claims to have repeatedly called the PR department asking for a quote regarding iPad use in academic settings, but the company representatives allegedly did not bother to respond.

“Mr. Jobs, I humbly ask why Apple is so wonderfully attentive to the needs of students, whether it be with the latest, greatest invention or the company’s helpful customer service line, and yet, ironically, the Media Relations Department fails to answer any of my questions which are, as I have repeatedly told them, essential to my academic performance,” Isaacs wrote in her first e-mail to the CEO.

“Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade,” Jobs allegedly responded. “Sorry.”

Isaac claims to have countered the blunt response with another message denying that she asked for help getting a good grade. She then asked if the company considers it a duty to return calls from a client or customer. “But I guess that’s not one of your goals,” she wrote.

“Nope,” Jobs allegedly responded. “We have over 300 million users and we can’t respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry.”

The student continued the confrontation by claiming to be one of Apple’s 300 million users, and with a problem that can only be addressed by the Media Relations team. She again asked for a response for her school project and reminded the CEO that she is “on deadline.”

The purported correspondence ends with a final plea from Jobs, as he asks her to “please leave us alone.”

The entire thread between Chelsea Kate Isaacs and Steve Jobs
(Read from the bottom up)

From: Steve Jobs
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:27:36 -0700
Subject: Re: Mr. Jobs – Student Journalist Concerned about Apple’sMediaRelations Dept.

Please leave us alone.

Sent from my iPhone

On Sep 16, 2010, at 5:32 PM, wrote:

> You’re absolutely right, and I do meet your criteria for being a customer who deserves a response:
> 1. I AM one of your 300 million users.
> 2. I DO have a problem; I need answers that only Apple Media Relations can answer.
> Now, can they kindly respond to my request (my polite and friendly voice can be heard in the first 5 or 10 messages in their inbox). Please, I am on deadline.
> I appreciate your help.
> Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
> ——-Original Message——-
> From: Steve Jobs
> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 17:10:12
> To:
> Subject: Re: Mr. Jobs – Student Journalist Concerned about Apple’s
> MediaRelations Dept.
> Nope. We have over 300 million users and we can’t respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry.
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Sep 16, 2010, at 4:37 PM, wrote:
>> Thank you for your reply. I never said that your goal should be to “help me get a good grade.” Rather, I politely asked why your media relations team does not respond to emails, which consequently, decreases my chances of getting a good grade. But, forget about my individual situation; what about common courtesy, in general —- if you get a message from a client or customer, as an employee, isn’t it your job to return the call? That’s what I always thought. But I guess that’s not one of your goals. Yes, you do have a creative approach, indeed.
>> Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
>> ——-Original Message——-
>> From: Steve Jobs
>> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 16:19:13
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Mr. Jobs – Student Journalist Concerned about Apple’s Media
>> Relations Dept.
>> Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry.
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Sep 16, 2010, at 3:22 PM, wrote:
>>> Dear Mr. Jobs,
>>> As a college student, I can honestly say that Apple has treated me very well; my iPod is basically the lifeline that gets me through the day, and thanks to Apple’s Final Cut Pro, I aced last semester’s video editing project. I was planning to buy a new Apple computer to add to my list of Apple favorites.
>>> Because I have had such good experiences as a college student using Apple products, I was incredibly surprised to find Apple’s Media Relations Department to be absolutely unresponsive to my questions, which (as I had repeatedly told them in voicemail after voicemail) are vital to my academic grade as a student journalist.
>>> For my journalism course, I am writing an article about the implementation of an iPad program at my school, the CW Post Campus of Long Island University.
>>> The completion of this article
>>> is crucial to my grade in the class, and it may potentially get published in our university’s newspaper. I had 3 quick questions regarding iPads, and wanted to obtain answers from the most credible source: Apple’s Media Relations Department.
>>> I have called countless times throughout the week, leaving short, but detailed, messages which included my contact information and the date of my deadline. Today, I left my 6th message, which stressed the increasingly more urgent nature of the situation. It is now the end of the business day, and I have not received a call back. My deadline is tomorrow.
>>> Mr. Jobs, I humbly ask why Apple is so wonderfully attentive to the needs of students, whether it be with the latest, greatest invention or the company’s helpful customer service line, and yet, ironically, the Media Relations Department fails to answer any of my questions which are, as I have repeatedly told them, essential to my academic performance.
>>> For colleges nationwide, Apple is at the forefront of improving the way we function in the academic environment, increasing the efficiency of conducting academic research, as well as sharing and communicating with our college communities.
>>> With such an emphasis on advancing our education system, why, then, has Apple’s Media Relations team ignored my needs as a student journalist who is just trying to get a good grade?
>>> In addition to the hypocrisy of ignoring student needs when they represent a company that does so much for our schools, the Media Relations reps are apparently, also failing to responsibly handle the inquiries of professional journalists on deadlines. Unfortunately, for a journalist in the professional world, lacking the answers they need on deadline day won’t just cost them a grade; it could cost them their job.
>>> Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Chelsea Kate Isaacs
>>> Senior
>>> CW Post – Long Island University
>>> Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

via: Gawker.  Thanks Aris and Izuchukwu for letting me know!

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  1. / Sep 22 2010

    way to go steve.

  2. Adam / Sep 22 2010

    Way I see it, if he had time to respond to her by being an asshole, he had time to respond to her questions. Steve Jobs is a fucking idiot. He didn’t even need to respond to it himself.

    300 million users couldn’t possibly be asking questions all at once anyway, so how the hell is that even a valid response? And since when does Jobs answer any of THOSE directly??

    Anyone who thinks Jobs was in the right about this is a fool.

  3. mark / Sep 22 2010

    this girl needs a reality check, when a real reporter contacts a company over a viewers concern, they always say “we were unable to get a response” im suprised steve responded. she got through to him, instead of asking hard questions (which steve will spin anyways) she whined that their media PR department didnt repond (uh no shit, you aint media!) i hope she doesnt become a reporter because shes no good at it!
    if anything the girl should take off the signature thing on her phone that says sent from a blackberry, i disabled that on my ipod touch, people dont give a shit where you send it from, in a way its showing off

  4. Evan / Sep 23 2010

    she isn’t media so the media relations dept has no reason to prioritize her.
    nothing more to it

  5. jabalong / Sep 23 2010

    It’s funny Apple has built a following as a contrarian tech favourite. But it’s become so achingly trendy, that the natural contrarian thing is to hate Apple, which I’m happy to do. Apple sucks and Steve Jobs is an arrogant primadonna.

  6. Kelly / Sep 23 2010

    This makes Steve Jobs a hero to me and a hero to anyone who works in customer service.

    He’s right – it isn’t his company’s job to get this chick good grades, she isn’t media…she’s a Paris Hilton wannabe (err..sorry… “social fixture”).

    I wish more companies took this stance on dealing with people who think they are better than anyone with a real problem.

  7. spector / Sep 23 2010

    Thumbs UP for Mr. Jobs! The audacity of this self-centered student, who thinks she can get a company or a CEO to respond to her superfluous queries according to HER deadline! She deserves Jobs’ response and some public reviling!

    Jobs seems to be a success precisely because he can focus on the right things and call a spade a spade where needed!

  8. Abramovich / Sep 23 2010

    Jobs was a prick, because SHE USES A T-MOBILE BLACKBERRY!!
    Had she used the iPhone, there wouldn’t have been any problem with his responses :)

  9. Abramovich / Sep 23 2010

    to spector:

    So if Jobs can focus on right things, why DOES he respond to this chick’s lame emails at all? she isn’t really that important after all…. he had enough time to respond to her – he could’ve actually came up with an answer to her questions rather than simply trashing her…
    On the other hand – the correspondence can be a simple hoax….

  10. Aaron / Sep 23 2010

    All Jobs needed to do was cut and paste an answer from their publicity material or have one of his lackeys do it and say she can quote Steve Jobs. Period. End of confrontation. She took rejection too personally, but he’s the adult. No need to be belligerent and belittling. If Mr. Busy CEO took the time to answer in the first place, he could have sent a few lines answering her question. I wonder in fact if it was Jobs or one of his staffers answering the young journalist.

  11. Jake / Sep 25 2010

    ohkay, in a world where Apple is known more widely for it’s excellent customer service than it’s actual products, this is absurd.

    yes, apple products break, but that’s why people like them, because they’ll just give you a new one. no hassle.

    but an entire department of a company as large as apple can’t get a response to a college student trying to write a piece for her paper to improve their image?

    shows a little of how the company is really run, i think.

  12. Stephen / Sep 26 2010

    The irony in all of this is that her emails end in “Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile” whereas his end in “Sent from my iPhone.” I might have deleted the BlackBerry reference when emailing Steve Jobs demanding attention, but maybe that’s just me ;)

    (PS: I know she probably owns other Apple products, I just thought it was funny.)

  13. Matt / Sep 29 2010

    The way I see this whole thing. It’s a fake and hoax just for some publicity for the student. It was a chance for her to get some face time online since Apple is in the medias center stage.IE. She has internship offers out to wazzzu. For all we know her project for school was about “sell promotion and media”. I doubt a CEO of a large company would respond in that manner if he would respond at all. Especially via email which can be recorded. Wasted enough time reading this story on CNN.

  14. cp / Sep 30 2010

    go steve indeed,

    This girl IS an idiot.

    PS. Apple has 300 mln customers and they are not all asking questions at once… if even .01 % of those people have questions pending, that’s 30,000 questions. Do you think Apple even has time for 30,000 questions?

    You’re also an idiot.

  15. cp / Sep 30 2010

    Also for everyone else who thinks Steve should “take the time to respond”

    The reason he doesn’t do this is because of precedence. You set a precedent and then people say, he responded to her, why not me. Oh Steve responded because she’s moderately good looking, etc. etc.

    You don’t respond to anyone and there is no discussion about this.

    He receives the praise for spending the time to respond to customer needs when appropriate, even debate philosophically about core values and customer experiences. But when it comes to clerk work, I’d tell her to fuck off too.

  16. Joe Allen / Sep 30 2010

    What a self-absorbed b-tch from a bottom-tier school. The good news is she’s from Long Island, so when she fails as a “journalist” (much like Sarah Palin), she can become an annoying reality TV housewife…she’s perfect for it.

  17. Jim / Sep 30 2010

    So… If these questions were so important, why did she not include them in any of her email exchanges with Mr. Jobs? He may or may not have answered them, but at least it would have given him more than so much whining to go on. That said, why Mr. Jobs would bother answering at all is beyond me.

  18. Hypatia / Sep 30 2010

    Miz Chelsea needs to grow up. Customer Service for Apple is not a tutorial site meant to help her cheat her way through college. Good for Jobs for putting the little wannabe-celeb in her place!

  19. Mitch / Sep 30 2010

    What an asshole. Jobs, go to hell.

  20. lauranicole / Sep 30 2010

    I enjoy how she tries to imply that her 3 questions not being answered is a “problem”. Also, she seems to be fixed on the idea that she needs a quote from Apple for her project. I’m fairly certain that she does not need a quote from Apple, but rather wants one (in order to impress her Prof, get published in the newspaper, get a good grade, etc.). I think the better people to interview would be those involved in the project at the school who have an educational background and could give her more academic context.

    Hell, I had to write a paper about a Nobel Prize Winner in college and I emailed to see if he’d respond, but he didn’t. I didn’t leave him 6 messages about how I’m on a deadline and he needs to respond to my request so that I don’t receive a bad grade.

    What a whiny self-entitled girl.

  21. Jim / Sep 30 2010

    This chick is out of her mind… Why in the hell would she think Apple owes her anything? Just because she buys their products she thinks they need to help her with a class project? Steve should have just told her to get lost in the first place. I can imagine how needy she is with her other professors.

    It’s HER responsibility to do the research, not Apples. If Apple doesn’t cooperate then she needs to find a new avenue to find her information. Not be a whiny b about it.

  22. DD / Sep 30 2010

    I’d probably reply the same way. Don’t you get the message from the first email response. Don’t waste everyone’s time by whining. Grow up!!

  23. Person / Sep 30 2010

    When he was in eighth grade, Steve Jobs decided to build a frequency counter for a school project and needed parts. Someone suggested that he call Bill Hewlett. Finding a William Hewlett in the telephone book, the 12-year-old Jobs called and asked, “Is this the Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard?” “Yes,” said Bill. Jobs made his request. Bill spent some time talking to him about his project. Several days later, Jobs went to HP and picked up a bag full of parts that Bill had put together for him.

    Subsequently, Jobs landed a summer job at HP. He later went on to co-found Apple Computer.

    Good thing Bill Hewlett didn’t shut him down with “Please leave us alone.”

  24. Dianna Bush / Sep 30 2010

    As a waitress, I think have more customer service skills then Mr. Jobs. Even common courtesy would warrant a polite response. If he had the time to volley a verbal assault he certainly could have directed her to an appropriate division to answer her question. Shame on you Mr. Jobs!

  25. Melissa / Oct 1 2010

    Seriously? You little girl need to grow up. The world does not exist to cater to your wants. You are not media. You’re a college student wanting a quote for a good grade that her work alone must not be able to achieve. I don’t really like Steve Jobs or apple, but I have more respect for him now.

  26. ld / Oct 5 2010

    She said she wasn’t looking for help to get a good grade but she mentioned that a response was vital to her academic performance about five different times.

  27. Tommy Keenan / Oct 6 2010

    Do you think he just got pissed because she uses a Blackberry?

  28. Gramma / Oct 7 2010

    One look at her atrocious punctuation and I can only HOPE she’ll never get a job as a journalist.
    But honestly, this looks fake. I can’t believe SJobs would bother mailing insults to an idiot. Must be a Microsoft conspiracy.

  29. Joystick / Dec 30 2010

    What a ****kisser:

    “For colleges nationwide, Apple is at the forefront of improving the way we function in the academic environment, increasing the efficiency of conducting academic research, as well as sharing and communicating with our college communities.”

    Apple and academic environment? Hahahahahahaha, made me laugh!

    Please be it a prank, conspiracy or truth, please re-write this paragraph and replace “Apple” With Microsoft” or “Linux” or even “Telephones” :-) It fits better…


  30. Stingray / Dec 30 2010

    Can’t get her own way so she blabs to the media, yuck!

  31. Mungo / Jan 4 2011

    Wow, she’ll suck as a journalist.

  32. True Story / Jan 18 2011

    There’s a great example of the entitlement mentality often witnessed in US colleges today (and not just the students). This attitude is partly the reason why the future of the US labor force will continues to be outsourced to those with the same “you owe me a free response” attitude, but pay them 75% less than dear Chelsea at LIU would claim to derserve.

  33. Becca / Mar 31 2011

    I feel like this girl has some entitlement issues and those won’t get you far in journalism. I thought for sure she was an underclassmen and was very surprised that her signature said “senior.”
    Wow, first Miss Issacs- you are not a “professional journalist”, you are a journalism student and secondly, if you always rely on only one way of getting your information, one source, you are going to fail in the journalism profession. Sources will turn you down for interviews and information and harassing said source with countless voice mail messages and arguments that your questions should be answered to because you are a customer are not going to get you anywhere.
    If I remember, I’ll try googling your name in a few years. It’ll be interesting to see where you end up.

  34. Alex / Jul 3 2011

    Instead of complaining, why not ask Steve Jobs the questions HERSELF? I mean, in comparison, Steve Jobs would be a better person to ask rather than the Media Relations department that is a lot busier having recently ended the WWDC (if I’m not wrong).

  35. Alex / Jul 3 2011

    And whoever thinks Steve is wrong is THE fool.

  36. Justin / Aug 3 2011

    You tell her Steve!

  37. Anonymous / Oct 18 2011


    The reason Steve Jobs probably didn’t help you was because in your demands for assistance with your homework and, even though you addressed the greatness of Apple’s products, you did so via your BLACKBERRY!!!

    Can you see where that might be somewhat insulting?

  38. Anonymous / Oct 18 2011

    Apple has more important things to do than waste its time on people who are trying to create an issue where there wasn’t an issue before. Oddly, that’s exactly what the media does. When 3 drops of rain fall in the city and there’s a tiny puddle on the corner, the t.v. stations’ weathermen declare “Storm Watch 2011!”

    Even if she were sitting in a room directly across from Mr. Jobs, she still wasn’t ENTITLED to any answers from him.

    She is trying to make a media frenzy out of a non-issue….which unfortunately sells papers.

    You are wagging the dog, Chelsea?

  39. boschi / Oct 25 2011

    Now…. That’s not annoying LOL
    Let me make 1 thing clear. I am against apple and jobs because the way they market the products and delusions they create surrounding apple products.
    BUT, This student is just straight out annoying! I wouldn’t even read an email that long from someone I dont know. kudos to jobs for that.. Please leave us alone will be my first response!. Get a clue and learn to write something that would actually make sense than fill pages.

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